Instructor Bios

  • Aniko Makranczy

Aniko Makranczy

Aniko Makranczy MFA, B.A. Aniko Makranczy, received her MFA from the University of Maryland, College Park and her B.A. in Anthropology from UC Riverside. She taught studio art

  • Lola Sparrowhawk

Lola Sparrowhawk

Lola Sparrowhawk International award-winning author and historian Lola Sparrowhawk is an international award-winning author and a historian in the interdisciplinary world history genre. Her history specialty is integrating

Chris Burns

Chris Burns, M.A. Chris Burns, M.A., has taught “history through music” for over 40 years, originally focusing on world history through the lens of classical music and United

  • Bruno Leone

Bruno Leone

Bruno Leone Fulbright Fellow, Historian, Lecturer and Author Bruno Leone, a native of New York City, received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University (With

  • Muriel King

Muriel King

Muriel King Succulent Designer and Owner of the Perfect Plant Muriel creates a variety of succulent and air plant designs. In addition to one-perfect-plant to one-perfect-pot, she

  • Chris and Jamie Burns

Many Strings

Many Strings Musical collaboration of Chris and Jamie Burns Many-Strings is the musical collaboration of Jamie Burns on her hammered dulcimer and Chris Burns on guitar. Their

  • Kie Copenhaver

Kie Copenhaver

Kie Copenhaver CSA, RHIA, RCFE Kie has spent over 30 years working with the aging population and has committed her life's work to ensuring that older adults get

  • Julie Derry

Julie Derry

Julie Derry MBA, CSA Julie Derry is a former Senior Marketing Executive and E-Commerce pioneer with over 25 years of experience leading the Digital Experience for large

  • Paula Matthews

Paula Matthews

Paula Matthews, MA Professor of Italian Language and Culture at Mesa College Paula Matthews is a long-time Oasis instructor who is always delighted to share her knowledge of

  • Mary Burns

Mary Burns

Mary Burns, MS, MA Community College Instructor Mary Burns is an instructor for San Diego Community College District, teaching in the Emeritus Department. She has taught with Oasis

  • Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith, MA Community College Instructor Barbara Smith is a community college instructor and teaches classes in the fields of technology and writing. She has a B.A. from

  • Larry Solomon

Larry Solomon

Larry Solomon, PhD San Diego State University, with Honors and Distinction in Psychology * BA, San Diego State University, with Honors and Distinction in Psychology * PhD

  • Jacki Montierth

Jacki Montierth

Jacki Montierth Founder of Wiseboomer.Com Jacki Montierth is a retired educator and founder of With degrees in psychology, mathematics, educational administration, as well as technology and instructional

  • Gini Pedersen

Gini Pedersen

Gini Pedersen, M.A. Education Technology, Community College Instructor Gini Pedersen, retired from San Diego Community College District, has always had a special interest in helping tech-novice adults get

  • Patrick Griffith

Patrick Griffith

Patrick Griffith Sifu Patrick Griffith has been teaching Tai Chi since 1997 and has been working with Oasis and the Escondido Senior Center since 2002. He has worked

  • Henry George

Henry George

Henry George Engineer, Archaeologist Geologist After retiring from his career as a Geological Engineer for a large construction firm, Henry returned to college and earned a MA in

  • Oliva Espin

Oliva M. Espín

Oliva M. Espín, Ph.D. Oliva M. Espín is Professor Emerita in the Department of Women’s Studies at San Diego State University and the California School of

  • Julia Fister

Julia Fister

Julia Fister, MA Studio ACE Executive Director Julia Fister, a St. Louis, Missouri native, graduated from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte with a Bachelor’s

  • Russell Rowe

Russell Rowe

Russell Rowe MS, Exercise Physiology Russell Rowe has an eclectic assortment of interests which are reflected in his trainings and credentials. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical

  • Peter Bolland

Peter Bolland

Peter Bolland MA, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Southwestern College Peter Bolland is a long-time Oasis instructor who brings the life-changing insights of the world’s wisdom traditions

  • Lorelei Taylor

Lorelei Taylor

Lorelei Taylor Realtor®, Certified Antiques Appraiser and an Interior Designer Lorelei Taylor, a San Diego native, assists with all aspects of Aging in Place Design, home buying,

  • Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz Board Certified Coach (BCC) Laura Diaz is a professional trained life and business coach. She is the founder of In Harmony Coaching, a company whose mission

  • Eddie Omens

Eddie Omens

Eddie Omens Artist Since 2010, Eddie Omens has had the honor of sharing his passion for art and watercolor with his Oasis students and friends. Eddie grew up

  • Barbara Norman

Barbara Norman

Barbara Norman CFP®, ChFC® CDFA®, CEO of Sage Path Solutions, The Women’s Financial Academy Founder Barbara Norman lives and works the philosophy that we only

  • Blain Davies

Blaine Davies

Blaine Davies, MA Professor of U.S. History Blaine Davies earned an MA in history and a BS degree in Business. He taught US history at Boise