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Enjoy classes…every day, every week, every year, for life!

Lifetime Membership at San Diego Oasis allows you to take in-person and online classes when and where convenient for you. Invest in your personal learning and healthy lifestyle opportunities. It’s an investment that will last for the rest of your life.

How does the Lifetime Membership work?

A limited number of Lifetime Memberships are available each year. Each year, the cost and available number of Lifetime Memberships changes, to reflect the economic environment. However, once an Oasis member purchases a Lifetime Membership, he/she/they are set for life and can grow with San Diego Oasis.

How does the Lifetime Membership help me?

  • With a lifetime membership, you can attend an unlimited number of Oasis programs throughout San Diego County for your lifetime. Simply register for the classes you want to attend; our system will recognize you as a lifetime member. Enjoy all lifelong learning and wellness programs for as long as you live, at any location in the region. Please note that some class sizes are limited, so registration is based on availability.
  • Oasis will issue a special Oasis Lifetime Member card, which gives you priority everything: registration, check-in, and other accommodations. As we grow, so will you. We are always working to expand, which means more programming and locations that you’ll be able to enjoy. What is excluded: Oasis Everywhere classes, third-party classes, material fees (art supplies, required books, etc.) and Travel.
  • Oasis offers an impressive menu of local and international trips, in partnership with our travel agencies, but these opportunities fall outside of the Lifetime Membership offerings.

How do I get my Lifetime Membership?

Contact Kris Anelli at to learn more about the process.

Can I gift a Lifetime Membership to someone else?

Absolutely. Your gift will literally last a lifetime!

Why offer a Lifetime Membership option?

Our programs are in high demand, yet today, Oasis has only two full time locations: Escondido and La Mesa (and soon, Rancho Bernardo!). In order to build more program locations, Oasis needs working capital. The older adult population is growing in unprecedented numbers, yet nonprofit funding becomes more challenging each year. This membership will allow us, in part, to bring programs you already love and appreciate to more local neighborhoods for others to enjoy.

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