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Welcome to THE QUAD, where you can learn and stay fit…your way!

We have designed our QUADS to give you options that best meet your needs, whether it’s convenience, comfort, or community.

How it Works
When on the Classes page, enter your preferred Quad category into the Filter By Location box.

If location/format is not a concern, you can search through available classes the way you always have, using applicable filters.

QUAD Categories
QUAD 1: In-Person Only | Lifelong Learning Center
QUAD 1: In-Person Only| Grossmont Wellness Center
QUAD 1: In-Person Only | Escondido Sr Ctr
QUAD 2: In-Person or Online
QUAD 3: Online or Watch in Person | Lifelong Learning
QUAD 3: Online or Watch in Person | Escondido Sr Ctr
QUAD 4: Online Only

THE QUAD: Four Ways to Learn and Stay Fit

Some days, you want to get out, and some days you want to stay at home.
Each of our Quads offer a unique experience; choose the one that is right for you.
Geography remains a non-issue; family and friends can still join you online!

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QUAD 1 is fully in-person at the designated location, with the instructor present in the room.

Quad 2 Icon

QUAD 2 is a hybrid: join fellow Oasis members and the instructor in person at the designated location or watch the class online from home via Zoom.

QUAD 3 is a hybrid: join the instructor online via Zoom or watch a broadcast at the designated location with other Oasis members.

Quad 4 Icon

QUAD 4 is fully online via Zoom, watch from home or anywhere on your personal device or computer.

Online Class Resources

New to online classes? Need help using Zoom?
Use these resources to learn how to access your online account, access Zoom class login information, and more!

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SIGN IN to access all of your Oasis membership information, from updating contact information, payment methods, to Zoom information

THE REGISTRATION GUIDE is a step-by-step manual showing you how to access your class Zoom information once you’re registered.

Zoom Web Images-Dos and Don'ts

IF YOU ARE NEW TO ZOOM, we have prepared a handy video on Zoom etiquette (it’s fun to watch!).

Zoom Web Images-Download

DOWNLOAD ZOOM if you are just now joining us online; it’s quick and you only have to do it once.