About San Diego Oasis

Oasis is a unique educational program for adults 50+ who want to continue to learn and be productive throughout life. Membership is free and open to anyone 50 or older. Join Oasis and enjoy stimulating classes and opportunities to serve your community.

Simona photo June 2018

Simona Valanciute, President and CEO

The mission of San Diego Oasis is to ensure that adults age 50+ have opportunities to pursue vibrant, healthy, productive and meaningful lives. We seek to positively impact their lives through partnerships to share knowledge, offer evidence- and research-based programs, conduct evaluations and adapt to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Our approach includes the following key areas:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Health and Wellness
  • Community Involvement through intergenerational programs

Our team is thrilled to present to you our current online offerings. You will find exciting opportunities to participate in classes, lectures, discussion groups, performances, trips, off-site adventures, and mentoring children in our community through our intergenerational tutoring program.

Our Team

Simona Valanciute
President and CEO

Jolyn Parker
VP External Relations

Brandon Harding
Director of Lifelong Learning

David Beevers
Program Manager | North County

Amy O’Connor
Director of Operations & Volunteer Programs

Kristen Amicone
Director of Intergenerational Programs

Sydney Folsom
Diversity Outreach Coordinator

Kelly Johnson
Marketing Coordinator

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Meet Our Board Members

Krishna Arora
Board Chair

Krishna Arora

Julie Derry
Board Vice Chair

Julie Derry

Michael D. Bardin

Michael D Bardin

Jonathan E. Doering

Jonathon Doering

David Chong
Governance Chair

David Chong

Sue Bradham
Board Member

Sue Bradham

Frank Hoffstadt
Board Member

Frank Hoffstadt

Kathy Gamez
Board Member

Kathy Gamez

Sandra Nimitz Lawhon
Board Member

Sandra Lawhon

Judy Lewis, PhD
Board Member

Judy Lewis

Barbara Noerenberg
Board Member

Barbara Noerenberg

Deni Saxod Carpenter
Board Member

Deni Carpenter

Paul Weiss, PhD
Board Member

Paul Weiss

William H. Wise
Board Member

Judge Bill Wise

William York
Board Member

Bill York

Our Advisory Board

Don Ambrose
Sister Mary Jo Anderson
Michelle Candland
Ken Druck, PhD
Peg Eddy

Henry George
Bob Kelly
Maureen King
Jordan Z. Marks, Esq.
Mark Riedy

Ellen Schmeding
Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
Deborah Szekely
Charles Van Vechten