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Nancy Isbell, BA

Former Owner/Founder of Bravo School of Art, Mural Artist & Instructor

Nancy Isbell is an artist, muralist, illustrator born and raised in San Diego. After graduating with honors and a bachelor’s degree in art in 1972, Nancy began her career at Sea World of San Diego as the sole artist designing gifts and souvenirs. She later moved to the U.S.Virgin Islands where she worked at an advertising agency as a graphic artist and illustrator. Upon returning to San Diego, after completing a teacher credential for teaching art, instead of teaching art she began working for a national restaurant chain based in San Diego, painting large works, murals and decorative signage on restaurant walls, traveling all over the United States. Since 1980 she has been creating and providing commissioned “Custom Art” in a variety of forms, murals large and small including trompe l’ oeil, faux finishes, and decorative wall art, for restaurants, hospitals, homes and other businesses, and paintings and illustrations. Her paintings are a variety of mediums including oils, acrylic and watercolor. In addition to producing artwork, she has been teaching seminars and classes in art techniques to adults and children in private lessons, painting parties, summer camps, and in the public schools.To see examples of her work visit