Chris Burns, M.A.

Chris Burns, M.A., has taught “history through music” for over 40 years, originally focusing on world history through the lens of classical music and United States history through folk music. He served as a Music Demonstration Teacher, Mentor Teacher for Music, and Music Teacher for Advanced Learner Programs. He has also taught at UCSD, SDSU, and the San Diego History Center.
Today Chris focuses on two “history through music” experiences:Live Music Shows that feature Celtic and Irish ballads, American Roots music, songs from the Folk Renaissance, and American and California history. Show titles include: “A Treasure Chest of Songs: Songs from the High Seas,”” Scottish and Irish Songs for the Pub,” and “Life on the Tracks: Train Songs.” These events are energized by his guitar, banjo, and Pianica, along with Jamie’s expertise on the cajon and percussion.
Music Appreciation: These classes celebrate the beauty of the Renaissance, Classical and Modern periods. He also offers classes that focus on the evolution and creativity of Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, and Folk. These one-hour music events offer just the right amount of historical context that brings a fresh and artistically well-crafted appreciation for the diversity of the composers and traditions.