Farima Tabrizi

Real Estate Broker Certified Senior Home Specialist

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, Farima is keenly aware of the different needs, financial means, and options available to seniors. Farima has the experience to understand and gain access to a wide range of resources for home buying, selling, remodeling, designing and downsizing.Farima is a specialist uniquely skilled at understanding and tailoring her efforts to fit your vision – and to changing market conditions so that you are structured for success and the highest possible financial outcomes. She does this by leveraging 21 years of real estate experience with another 31 years of experience in a diverse corporate environment involving sales, marketing, management, purchasing, inventory control, price negotiations, and international trade.
By creating meaningful relationships within the community, Farima hopes to support the growth of San Diego and to be a knowledgeable resource for others in the community. As a member of the San Diego Zoo R•I•T•Z, Farima contributes to an organization that has raised millions for the San Diego Zoo, and has also been a member of the San Diego Film Festival, Waldon Family, San Diego Police Foundation (K9), March of Dimes, and more.