Pitt WarnerPitt Warner grew up in Canada and was no stranger to working hard early on. From working as a band’s drummer, a career that lasted for 72 years, to working at his family’s needlework art factory, to teaching elementary school for over two decades as well as becoming an accomplished photographer, it seemed like Pitt lived many lifetimes and enjoyed them all.

Once retired, San Diego Oasis became an important part of life to Pitt and his wife Virginia. They got into the habit of attending morning and afternoon classes daily, and became regular visitors and close friends with everyone who worked at the restaurant next door during the lunch hour.

Pitt was an avid reader and wouldn’t miss his favorite philosophy and history lectures. “No one does what Oasis does,” said Pitt. He believed in San Diego Oasis’ mission and included the organization in his estate plan.

Please join Pitt and leave a legacy, so that Oasis can continue serving the San Diego region today and in the future.


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