May 27 | AAPI Heritage Month

Laura Muto, Oasis Member & Instructor

Laura Muto-Zumba InstructorLaura was born and raised right here in San Diego County and even stayed here to attend San Diego State University for college. While attending school, Laura worked for her parent’s business. After graduating, she worked various jobs before landing in Scripps Health clinic for the remainder of her career.

At the age of 55, Laura was fortunate enough to take early retirement; however, she would soon find herself working again as a caretaker for her aunt, who began to develop dementia. Laura also took care of her mother well into her retirement when she slowly began to feel burnt out. In 2011 Laura started to search for ways to commit herself to self-care when her mother, who had been attending Oasis classes since it opened in 1987, suggested that she give Oasis a try!

Laura then signed up for Zumba lessons with Oasis instructor Pam and realized she enjoyed exercising and socializing with Oasis members. By 2018, Pam recommended that Laura take the certification to become an instructor, and after subbing for a while, she began teaching her own Oasis classes, and the rest, as they say, is history!

When asked what advice she has for older adults looking to start exercising, she says that approachability is the most important thing to remember. “Exercise should be social and something that gets you out and moving. It doesn’t have to be unapproachable, intimidating, or difficult.”

Thanks so much for letting us share your story, Laura!

Click here to sign up for Zumba with Laura and co-Instructor, Pamela Toomes.