Civility Month

Treating others with kindness, empathy, and respect

Compassion ConceptMonth after month, we have highlighted different aspects of human diversity to celebrate what makes us unique, spread awareness, and foster inclusion. This month, we have reached an observation that culminates all we have learned throughout this past year. August marks National Civility Month, a month dedicated to helping the world remember to treat others with kindness, empathy, and respect.

Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion is a significant responsibility to take on. DEI comes with the task of honesty, accountability, and difficult conversations. Being civil to others can make this process easier by approaching people with humility, respect, and understanding. Civility helps diverse groups come together as a society and group, reducing disputes and conflict significantly. It is a continuous choice to empathize with all aspects of the human experience.

As we celebrate this month together, let us remember to practice civility ourselves by approaching people with understanding. Lead by example and encourage others to be civil towards one another. Most importantly, talk to people around you about this month’s importance. Build awareness and encourage people towards civility. All the conflict in today’s world can easily default us to anger and frustration. Let us instead continue to embark on a journey towards respect. Even if we disagree, we can approach each other with humility, dignity, and civility. San Diego Oasis is all about Life-Long Learning, and part of that process is meeting people where they are and allowing them the space to process new information in a safe space. We can set the standard for what it means to challenge one another while upholding dignity and respect. We can be the example of what it means to lovingly hold each other accountable to learn and grow towards a more equitable future. So, in honor of National Civility Month, all of us here at San Diego Oasis, thank you for leading by example. Thank you for choosing civility.