Miles and Kathryn HarveyFollowing a long career at Luce Forward Hamilton & Scripps, Kathryn retired in 2011 with the goal to remain active.

She learned about San Diego Oasis from a friend and signed up for a wide variety of activities, including technology classes to become more proficient; finance classes to assist her with the retirement portfolio; fitness and health classes; and lectures on an array of interesting topics.

An Oasis enthusiast, Kathryn often brings her husband Miles, family and friends with her to participate. Kathryn and Miles Harvey were friends and colleagues at the law firm for 30 years until they became newlyweds in 2014.

Kathryn and Miles have been supporting San Diego Oasis annually. Kathryn has also decided to include a bequest to San Diego Oasis in her estate plan. She knows that seniors want to remain active and fully engaged in life and they have unlimited curiosity about technology and other new developments in our ever-changing world. Since Kathryn has enjoyed her Oasis experience, she wants to ensure that the organization continues to provide quality programs in our community for many years to come.

Having spent most of her life in San Diego, Kathryn knows there are no other programs geared to the 50+ crowd that are as broad-based as Oasis. She says,

“Keep up the good work!”

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