Jolyn and William Parker with Joe BurruckerJolyn and William strongly believe in successful aging and the role San Diego Oasis plays in bringing programs and activities to older adults to encourage active, healthy lifestyles that support aging well. In honor of Jolyn’s father, Joe Burrucker, they have decided to include San Diego Oasis in their estate plan. Joe lived to the ripe old age of 87 in North Carolina. As a World War II veteran and an original member of the amazing Tuskegee Airmen legacy, he continued flying airplanes for fun until his last birthday. He was also an avid believer in staying active and engaged, and worked full time as a social work executive until age 75. Talk about aging well, he continued to be active in a number of nonprofits and to speak to young people in schools and at airshows, as well as spending time out here in California whenever he could spare the time.

Jolyn is following in her dad’s footsteps (mom’s too) as a nonprofit executive, working for San Diego Oasis as the VP of External Relations. She serves on several nonprofit boards, and has a long history of working to ensure that those in need get help. William is a former retail executive who also works to help others, serving as the chairman of the RiteCare Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center that offers free services to young children struggling to speak. He is also a veteran, retiring from the United States Marine Corp and currently works as an executive in the insurance industry. Jolyn’s first career was as a retail executive, which is how she and William met. They believe in lending their expertise to organizations that need business thinking to ensure that the mission is supported and work tirelessly to help where they can. When asked if he wants to retire, William has been known to say, “What’s that?”