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A Discussion | A Partner | A Motivator | A Carpooler

What do these things have in common?  

They each take two people.  We call it the “Friend Factor.”

If you have a friend who is missing out on all that Oasis offers, be a Hero and invite them to join you for a class. We’ll make it worth your while:

  • The member who brings in the most NEW members who actually take a class will be in the Top 10 Hero List that will be posted in the lobby and in the catalog.
  • Hero Members will earn class credits
  • Hero Members will earn gift cards ($100 1st prize, $50 2nd prize, $25 3rd prize)
  • Special Reception for Friends and their Hero

NOTE: When registering for their first class, your friend will need to indicate who referred them so that you get the appropriate credit:

  • IN PERSON:  Provide them with a “My Friend is a Hero” card that they can present when registering.
  • PHONE:  They can simply provide your name if registering over the phone.
  • ON-LINE:  When registering on line, click the “How Did You Hear About Oasis?” and they will be able to enter your name.

Download the Friend Flier>>

Download Referral Cards>>