Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith, MA

Community College Instructor

Barbara Smith is a community college instructor and teaches classes in the fields of technology and writing. She has a B.A. from Scripps College in Claremont and M.A. from UC Davis. She enjoys designing workshops that use technology to streamline work and home tasks and especially enjoys finding ways to integrate computer skills creatively into our daily lives. As a certified Guided Autobiography instructor with the Birren Institute for Autobiographical Studies, Barbara has taught writing classes for over 30 years. Her articles and photographs have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines. She finds joy and discovery in writing and loves sharing her insights with others on their own paths to self-discovery. Barbara has been able to combine her love for travel and far-flung adventure with a budget-minded pocketbook. She has visited 49 countries in the world and, when travel is again safe, she plans to visit 49 more. Among her favorite escapades are swimming with dolphins in Jamaica, drinking kava with a village chief in Fiji and a feeding encounter with Tasmanian devils in Tasmania’s Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. When she is not on the road or teaching, Barbara loves creating travel-related photo projects and playing with her dog Quincy.