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Event Date | Thursday, June 24 

Featuring Keynote Speaker Henry Winkler
Best-Selling Author, Emmy Award-Winning Actor, Director, and Producer

Vital Aging 2021-Underscores


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As you emerge from the last year,
learn what you can do to energize your life and get ready to thrive again.

Peter Bolland
Philosophy as Therapy | Watch Video

Ranson Burkette
Enriching Your Life Through Technology | Watch Video

Dr. Ken Druck
Summoning the Strength and Courage to Live Well as You Get Older | Watch Video

Nancy Sasaki
Volunteering is Vital | Watch Video

Elisa Barnett
Senior Services at the San Diego LGBT Community Center | Watch Video

Henry Winkler | Keynote Speaker
Access to video expired on July 8

San Diego Oasis | JoAnne Boncher
Intergenerational Programs | Watch Video

Barrio Logan College Institute | Sara Boquin
Intergenerational Programs | Watch Video

Dr. Carmenza Millan
How to Build Resilience From Stress – COVID-19 Life Lessons | Watch Video

Bill Walton
An Intimate Conversation on Aging with Bill Walton | Watch Video


Henry Winkler Headshot

Henry Winkler | Keynote Speaker

About Henry Winkler
Henry Winkler has enjoyed over four decades of success in Hollywood and continues to be in demand as an actor, producer and director. Behind the scenes he has made his mark as a producer and director. Winkler has executive produced or produced TV series and specials for 19 years. Winkler has always been concerned about the quality of children’s television programming. He has produced countless worthwhile projects for young audience. Winkler is also a New York Times best-selling author. Of all the titles he has received, the ones he relishes most are husband, father and grandfather. Winkler and his wife have three children, Jed, Zoe and Max, and five grandchildren. They reside in Los Angeles. Read his full biography>>

Elisa Barnett-Headshot

Session Title | Senior Services at the San Diego LGBT Community Center
Learn more about the challenges facing LGBT+ Seniors, how our community can be allies and create affirming environments, and the services available to Seniors through the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

About Elisa Barnett
Elisa Barnett is the Senior Services Program Manager at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. Elisa holds a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the University of San Diego, and has been working in the San Diego nonprofit sector for the last ten years. Using her lived experience of mental health challenges as well as her lived bi-cultural experience, Elisa has worked as a Peer Support Specialist (PSS), including facilitating the training of PSS as well as providing training for those who supervise and work alongside PSS. She also provides training on cultural competency, person first language, and the importance of recovery-oriented environments in providing trauma informed care to diverse populations, specializing in work with the Adult/Older Adult population.

Peter Bolland-Web

Session Title | Philosophy as Therapy
Wisdom is not something you know – it’s something you do. In our later years, and especially after this last year, there are more opportunities than ever to practice the ancient art of the philosophic life. What if we reimagined philosophy as therapy – a healing modality that could restore our mind-body to its inherent balance, and awaken our joyful interconnectedness with one another and the wider world?

About Peter Bolland
Peter Bolland is the philosophy and humanities department chair at Southwestern College where he’s taught world religions, Asian philosophy, and world mythology for 30 years. A writer, singer-songwriter, and speaker, Bolland uses a wide array of media – print, digital, video, webinars, and in-person workshop facilitation – to bring the insights of the world’s wisdom traditions to life here and now in our everyday lives. Learn more at

Joanne Boncher Headshot

Session Title | The Joys of Oasis Tutoring: Helping Struggling Students Make the Grade

An overview of the San Diego Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program, highlighting its benefits to the students, teachers, and tutors. JoAnne will be joined by Carole Hair, who now tutors elementary students in reading with the Oasis tutoring program after retiring from a 43 year career in nursing.

About JoAnne Boncher
JoAnne Boncher is trained as a Speech and Language Pathologist. She is credentialed in Clinical Rehabilitative Services Teaching and taught with the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District for 16 years. In her tenure, she held positions as LSH Teacher, Special Ed Program Specialist, Language Arts Curriculum Resource Teacher. More recently JoAnne spent 5 years as a SDSU Graduate Teaching Instructor.

Sara Boquin Headshot

Session Title | Investing in our future through BLCI and Mentoring
We will discuss what BLCI is and why it exists as well as share some of its success. We will talk about the role of mentoring in developing our students into independent and successful college graduates by highlighting Penny Adler’s experience in mentoring a number of our students. Penny will share what mentoring entails and the ways she approaches her role.

About Sara Boquin
Sara Boquin is the new Chief Executive Officer of BLCI and has worked with college access programs for over twenty years. Sara believes in educational equity programs like BLCI because higher education opened up a world of opportunities for her. There is a high need for BLCI services across San Diego and beyond, and Sara hopes to reach as many students and families as possible through our programs.

Ranson Burkette Headshot

Session Title | Enriching your Life through Technology
Can technology really help us to lead a better and more fulfilled life? This presentation explains the benefits of the digital age and helps the audience to enjoy the full potential of enjoying technology safely.

About Ranson Burkette
Ranson Burkette has over a decade of experience providing public relations, corporate communications and public affairs assistance to cyber security, consumer electronics, entertainment and non-profit clients and is currently the Head of Public Relations at ESET North America. With responsibility for growing ESET’s mindshare and awareness in the US market, he continues to pilot programs targeting influential members of the security and mainstream media. Ranson is currently a member of the Arthur Page Society. He regularly volunteers for the Outdoor Outreach non-profit organization in San Diego and he is currently on the board of directors for the Kids For Peace organization. He is also an advisory board member of #Latina Geeks. Ranson has a son and lives in San Diego, California.

Dr Ken Druck Headshot

Session Title | Summoning the Strength and Courage to Live Well as You Get Older
Learn to free yourself of destructive and limiting myths, biases, stereotypes, and misconceptions as you get older. Summon newfound courage to come to terms with how old you are and discover a vibrant path to newfound freedom, vitality, peace and joy

About Ken Druck
Dr. Ken Druck is an Executive Coach/Consultant and community leader who has helped countless individuals, families, organizations and communities turn their greatest challenges into opportunities. Recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Contribution to Psychology award, Ken has guided audiences, clients and the general public on the issues of positive aging, resilience, healing after loss, family and psychology. His programs, articles and books, Courageous Aging, The Real Rules of Life, The Self-Care Handbook and Raising an Aging Parent are featured regularly on CNN, PBS and many of our nation’s top social media sites. Dr. Druck lives and maintains a coaching/consulting practice in Del Mar, California where he can be reached at [email protected] or visit

Carmenza Millan Headshot

Session Title | How to Build Resilience From Stress – COVID-19 Life Lessons

This English/Spanish presentation will define resilience and tips on how build and strengthen it. It will also discuss how volunteerism increases resilience, prevents isolation and tips on volunteering in a multicultural society.

About Carmenza Millan
Dr. Carmenza Millan is the Large Region Sr. Advisor for AARP. She provides strategic support to nine states so they can achieve their goals and objectives in the areas of community and volunteer engagement, multicultural outreach, advocacy, communications, and member engagement.

Nancy Sasaki Headshot

Session Title | Volunteering is Vital
United Way has been serving San Diego County for over 100 years. A key component of their work is to create and provide a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout San Diego County. In this presentation learn more about United Way’s work and the various ways you can give back to our community to help people thrive. You will also learn about the benefits you can get out of giving back!

About Nancy Sasaki
Nancy Sasaki has been the President and CEO of United Way since September 2018. During the almost 3 years, Nancy has created succinct messaging about their work (In partnership, Align, Leverage & Transform) and finalized the strategic plan: EDICT 2030: Mind the Gap which focuses their work on Community Impact and Diverse Ways of Giving Back. Prior to joining United Way, Nancy was CEO of Alliance Healthcare Foundation providing funds to advance health and wellness in San Diego & Imperial Counties. She also had a long career with Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX; San Diego, CA; Hawaii; and Los Angeles, CA. Her hobbies are playing beach volleyball and tennis and her loves are her daughter, son-in-law and extended family.

Bill Walton Headshot

Session Title | An Intimate Conversation on Aging with Bill Walton
What does a Hall of Fame Basketball icon, broadcaster, author, philanthropist. father and grandfather think about getting older? Join us for a no-holds-barred interview with Bill conducted by Oasis’s own international expert on aging, Dr. Ken Druck.

About Bill Walton
Bill Walton, a San Diego native, rose to fame as a basketball player in the 1970s, going on to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and winning multiple Emmy Awards as a multi-media broadcaster. Bill is an avid fan of music and renowned philanthropist. Bill and his wife, Lori, have 6 children and 14 grandchildren. Learn more at

San Diego County is an age-friendly and dementia friendly community through the Age Well Initiative.

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